At Rare, we produce many types of digital content: from investor relations websites, to e-commerce platforms and mobile applications.

We work closely with our clients to ensure that the digital content we design, create, and develop fits with their communications strategy, meets their strategic goals, and accurately represents their brand.

Information at your fingertips

We created an app and handbook for Southeastern staff
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A cool new site for the frozen foods leaders

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A Website To Go

Our work with SSP grows with a responsive site

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Investors value the future more than the past

Reporting in for a new website

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Closer to the action

A new website for Sporting Affair

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Revitalising a family treasure

Updating the Castle Kennedy Gardens website

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Balanced boards mean better business

Making a difference with The Davies Review

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Exploring oilfield services

Designing two websites for Edgo

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Creating a key sales channel

Cleaning up the Muc-Off website

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Managing a modern communications brand

Designing, building, and hosting the Chime website

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Making a splash

Designing a new website for Juniper Sport

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Engaging with a global workforce

Creating Serco's Code of Conduct

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